Pop Star Chick

She’ll Be the Talk of Houston with This Pop Star Party!

Is your little girl born to be a star? If she thrives on stage, loves being the local entertainment, and wants to be treated like the VIP she is, then this pop star party will be perfect for her! With her closest friends, a full spa treatment, pizza, cake, and more, she’ll never want her special day to end.  Contact us today to learn more about this unique, fun birthday party package for girls and read Pop Star Chick’s story below!

Pop Star Chick was a star from day one. She loved everything music. Singing on a stage in front of hundreds of people never scared Pop Star Chick; in fact, it was where she felt the most comfortable. Pop Star Chick was talented, smart, and confident. The only thing was that Pop Star Chick could only be a singer by night and had to hide her rock star identity during the day.

Pop Star Chick’s parents wanted Pop Star Chick to be a normal girl. They knew how talented she was and if everyone else only knew her as Pop Star Chick, they feared she would lose sight of herself. They just wanted her to have a normal life. This meant Pop Star Chick had the best of the pop world and of her normal world as well. Should could take it slow during the day and then rock out the show at night.

No one knew that Pop Star Chick was the rock star she was. By day she went by Samantha and at shows, Pop Star Chick came out. Pop Star Chick wanted everyone to know who she really was, she loved singing and wanted it to be her life.

Against her parents warnings, at her next big show, Pop Star Chick told the whole crowd her real name and who she was. To her parents surprise, everyone welcomed Pop Star Chick’s news with delight and embraced her talent and abilities. From that point forward Pop Star Chick was just Pop Star Chick. She rocked out the show and brought joy to everyone who listened to her music. Her spunk, talent, and confidence shined so brightly, she never looked back and she made a star out of herself.

If your girl is a rock star like Pop Star chick and wants to shine on her big day, she has to party in style. Our Pop Star Party Package includes: mani/pedi (feet and hand soak, polish and design), make-up application, simple hairdo, dress up, karaoke performance, one activity, gift opening, pizza, and cake. With this package, your little girl is sure to feel like the rock star she is.

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