Fashionista Chick

A Fashion Birthday Party in Houston Unlike Any Other.

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

Our fashionista birthday party is designed for those girls who are unapologetically themselves, who realize that they don’t want to fit in when they are born to stand out! If your little girl is a little fashion queen, or is just completely, uniquely herself, this fashionista party is perfect for her! Read more about Fashionista Chick’s story, and throw your little fashionista a party that will give her the confidence she needs to be truly herself!

Fashionista Chick did not always start out as the fashionista that she is today. In fact, Fashionista Chick did not like her style at all. She was the least popular of all her friends, hung in the back at parties, and did not stand out. Her friends all loved her very much, but poor little Fashionista Chick just did not have the confidence that they did.

No matter what she tried to wear to fit in, it always seemed like Fashionista Chick was behind the trend. One day all of her friends would be wearing pink shirts, while she, of course, had blue. The next, she would wear pink, but they had already moved on to the newest jeans. Whatever Fashionista Chick wore, she was not trendy no matter how hard she tried.

Prom was coming up, so Fashionista Chick and all of her friends decided to go dress shopping together. Of course, all of Fashionista Chick’s friends found dresses right away. Wanting to fit in this year, Fashionista Chick bought a dress that looked like all of theirs. She didn’t love it, but she knew, at least this year, she was going to have what all the popular girls did.

On the evening of prom, at dinner, one of the girls was there who did not like Fashionista Chick, and hated that she was wearing a dress that looked like all the others. She was a mean girl and did not want Fashionista Chick to be in the group. She spilled her dinner all over Fashionista Chick on purpose so she would have to leave and go home.

Fashionista Chick was sad, but it was prom, nothing was going to ruin her night! Determined to have a good time and not be the one in the back this year, she took matters into her own hands. Fashionista Chick went to the bathroom, and instead of crying, she changed her dress to cover the stains. She cut the bottom off, cut the sleeves, and tied the fabric around her waist. Confident and proud of how she looked now, she went out onto the dance floor.

Everyone turned and looked at Fashionista Chick. They could not believe how beautiful she was and how amazing her dress looked! Unlike all the other girls wearing the latest trend, she stood out and made her own fashion statement.

From that day forward, Fashionista Chick had true confidence, and everyone at school looked to her for their fashion advice and to follow whatever she was wearing. She was the fashion queen who rocked the party and made herself known. If you want to party with this fashion chick, look at her party package and set the trend for all your friends.

Fashion Show Party Package includes: mani/pedi (feet and hand soak, polish and design), make-up application, simple hair do, dress up, fashion show, one activity, gift opening, pizza, and cake.

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