Fairy Princess Chick

A Princess Birthday Party She’ll Remember Forever

Almost every little girl wants to be a princess at some point in her life. This Houston-based birthday party brings a unique twist to traditional princess party ideas, by giving all little girls the confidence they need to feel like the princesses they are. Featuring a spa day and fun activities, this Fairy Princess Party Package includes everything you need to make it a night to remember. Read Fairy Princess Check’s story and contact us for our party availability! By combining kid-friendly fun, empowering attitudes, and a theme all little girls love, our princess party will be one she’ll remember forever.

Out of all the magical lands in the nation, there was one that was more special than all the rest. This place was so special because Fairy Princess Chick ruled the land with kindness and grace that all the other lands were missing.

Fairy Princess Chick believed that all girls should be polite no matter who they were talking to, and treated everyone she knew with proper manners, upholding royal rules at all times. Everyone loved Fairy Princess Chick, but what she seemed to be missing was true friends. She loved everyone and everyone loved her, but what she wanted deep down inside was chicks her age who she could play with and who would be her friends.

Fairy Princess Chick’s birthday was coming up, so she decided that the only thing she wanted this year was a party she could invite all her friends to. She set out across all the lands, personally delivering invitations to each princess.

On the night of her party, Fairy Princess Chick was so excited to see princesses from all different lands coming to celebrate her! That night was the best night she ever had. With fairy dust, princess dresses, and more, there wasn’t a chick in sight that didn’t have a smile on their face.

Everything is more special when you have your friends around to share it with you! Friendship is important and should be cherished. If you want to throw a fairy princess party like Fairy Princess Chick did, you can! Look at our party packages and schedule your fairy princess party for your special princess today.

Fairy Princess Party Package includes: Mani/pedi (feet and hand soak, polish and design), make-up application, tea party, oneactivity, gift opening, pizza, and cake.

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