Developing Social Skills- Addressing Detrimental Issues


Our curriculum is great for schools, churches and organizations.  Perfect for youth groups and those looking to address issues such as bullying, self care, confidence and so much more.


Our Etiquette workshops are meant to develop social skills. We teach children everything from proper introduction and public presence to using the correct eating utensils the correct way. We infuse our curriculum with Etiquette lessons because we feel as though this is a great way to build confidence. Children feel more confident all around which in turn helps to increase things such as academic achievement and decrease things such as bullying.

Empowerment Workshops

Our empowerment workshops tackle issues such as bullying, negative body image, self neglect, feelings of self worth and even suicide prevention. All these issues are attributed to things such as low self esteem, lack of self worth and confidence. Studies show that when a child believes in themselves and possess a high self worth they will excel in all other areas. With a healthy self-esteem, children feel that they have positive characteristics and skills they can offer to other people, and they also feel they are worthy of being loved and accepted by others including family and friends.

The children learn the importance of Self Esteem, Confidence and Self Worth while developing Social Skills and Character Education.

  • Increased Self Worth and Confidence
  • More likely to be happy
  • Less likely to engage in negative behavior
  • Increased overall value of life
Develops Social Skills


Children learn the language of manners and how to feel comfortable and confident in any situation.  Learning proper introductions, public speaking, setting the table, dining styles and more.  These lessons truly enhance children’s confidence and addresses issues a lot of our youth face in today’s society.

Emphasizes and Increases Self Esteem, Confidence and Self Worth


Issues such as low academic achievement, self neglect, teen pregnancy, violent behavior and even suicide stem from low self esteem, lack of self worth and confidence.  Our goal is to increase academic achievement, lower the self neglect and bullying rates and positively impact the lives of children through our lessons.



Total Workshops Completed To Date


Total Children Impacted


Total Social Impact Goal by 2021

To date Youth Enrichments has positively impacted over 1500 students through our curriculum and workshops within schools, churches and organizations.  Curriculum can be customized into one day sessions or 6 to 13 week sessions.  We customize our lessons based on the needs of the organizations.  You may choose to purchase our curriculum or have one of our instructors come to your facility to teach.

Students feel empowered through our curriculum and our social impact will grow through the years.

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