1. Empowering Young Girls to Be the Standard

    At Chicks with Class, we encourage and empower young girls to stand out in a world trying to tell them what to be. We challenge them to be unapologetically themselves, to create their own brand, and to always do everything they do with kindness and class. In this way, we are working diligently to build a generation of confident, caring, and beautiful women who are not just setting the standard, th…Read More

  2. Having The Best Birthday With Chicks With Class

    When it comes to throwing the birthday girl’s party, you want everything to be perfect. Every teen and preteen wants an amazing day packed full of fun, fashion, and friends. If you’re questing for a great location for girls birthday parties in the Houston area, look no further! Chicks With Class™ is an organization that celebrates style and education for every female. We strive for the overa…Read More

  3. Etiquette Isn’t Dead!

    The skill involved with possessing good manners is more than valuable for girls of all ages. Chicks With Class places a wealth of value on etiquette for girls, which is the driving force behind our etiquette training. Being able to display proper manners and act appropriately can result in lifelong benefits. If you and your daughter are interested in etiquette classes in the Houston area, you’ve…Read More

  4. Etiquette Reinforcement At Home For Parents Part 1

    First impressions are often based on how people act in any given situation, equating to a strong need for proper manners and etiquette. Etiquette lessons are an amazing way to instill children with the proper ways to behave in society. When you combine this beneficial skill with a program that pushes to help people reach their full potential, the end results can be amazing. Chicks with Class is an…Read More

  5. Etiquette Reinforcement At Home For Parents Part 2

    Children who utilize proper etiquette practices are often more liked and retain higher levels of confidence over their peers. When you combine the power of etiquette training with empowering and confidence-building classes, the end results can be amazing. Chicks with Class is here to provide the best etiquette classes for Houston residents. Our top-notch staff strives to create a fun, exciting atm…Read More

  6. Etiquette Reinforcement At Home For Parents Part 3

    Our society places a value on common courtesy and proper etiquette. Children who behave appropriately and exhibit good manners are more likely to receive more positive attention from everyone they interact with in society. When you combine quality etiquette classes for kids with a program that empowers and entertains them, great things can happen! Chicks with Class strives to help provide children…Read More