Chicks With Class plans to partner with a number of non-profits dedicated to the benefit of society. Through partnerships a portion of all sale proceeds goes to that particular organization.

It’s always been a passion of Margo’s to be a role model so that positive change would occur. Growing up, Margo had always understood that you have a brand of your own to uphold. With that way of thinking, she had the urge to create a brand in which we can celebrate our own style and education!

Chicks With Class™ will continue to grow throughout the United States and will soon be International. All will celebrate their style and education around the world!

Lillie B. Girls are Chicks With Class Ice Cream Social

We recently partnered with Lillie B. Girls, a nonprofit organization that provides empowerment programs for the advancement of people’s self-esteem through activities promoting positive body image, educational achievement, and moral excellence.

Our past partnership with Lillie B. Girls has further allowed Chicks With Class to reach individuals on an educational level.  The Lille B. Girls are Chicks With Class Ice Cream Social taught girls about self esteem and positive body image while enjoying our favorite ice cream and toppings!!



Atlanta Tween Brunch

This tween beauty brunch was an event hosted by 501c3 nonprofit, Lillie B. Girls and apparel brand, Chicks With Class to mentor, empower, and inspire guests to not only set the standard, but to BE the standard.

This brunch experience will served as a platform to teach the importance of being remembered rather than noticed in a society where much emphasis is placed on false perceptions of beauty.

Fun icebreakers, engaging beauty discussions, interactive girl empowerment activities, pop-up beauty bars, mini-mani/pedis, and great food all aided in this amazing experience. Along with special guest speaker, Miss Black America Coed 2015, Roneshia Ray, who hosted a segment on style and grace, we encouraged others to love themselves first and “be the best you, you can be.”

Ultimate Tween Empowerment Brunch June 4th 2016

This brunch experience was one that allowed Tweens to network effectively amongst one another. We partnered with non-profit V-Star who has a mission to empower youth girls by combining the art of dance with etiquette. We held an etiquette session & empowerment workshop, awesome tween dancers showcased their talent and we even had a performance by Hip Hop Princess Young Lyric. Our guests enjoyed mini manicures, make-up applications and left feeling empowered both inside and out.

Back To School Tween Empowerment Brunch August 20, 2016

Chicks With Class teamed up with non-profit The Ladder House to emphasize the importance of education and get students excited about the upcoming school year. Great ice breakers, awesome performances, discussions and tips on social media awareness, bullying and classroom etiquette tools made this event successful for all in attendance!

Holiday Brunch Gala Dec 3, 2016

The Holiday Brunch Gala was an event in which we celebrated positive body image and emphasized self esteem and personal development. Through this event we placed a spotlight on Tweens making an impact in today’s society and showed recognition to a prominent “GIRL BOSS”. This gala was an event for tweens to network amongst each other and hear first hand why being a Chick With Class is key. We welcomed Tweenpreneurs to the event as vendors in which they had the opportunity to showcase and sell theor products and services. We had a full panel of speakers such as Disney’s Skai Jackson, Young Lyric, Chicks With Class Brand Ambassador Lyric Hurd and host Miss Black America Coed. These ladies delivered the message of Chicks With Class effectively and guests left feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated.